Peter Bagge interview

 peter bagge

 Peter Bagge interview

Any plans on having a “Bagge” art exhibition in the UK? Similar to the Robert Crumb exhibition?

That would have to be someone else’s idea — someone in a position to pull it off, that is, since my wanting something like that to happen wouldn’t be enough to pull it off. If someone did want to exhibit my work in the UK I wouldn’t be opposed, though

Did you have any in-put on the design of the HATE mini punk toys?

Yes, I drew and designed them all, though I had to keep the art confined into the very odd shapes they come in.

If you were to release a HATE music compilation CD, what would your first 5 tracks be?

They whole thing would probably sound just like my “Rockin’ Poppin’ Favorites” CD comp EMI put out a few years ago.

How have you evolved as a writer with your continued work on HATE?

Jeez, that’s a tough one. I’m more concise and thoughtful now, and less angry and manic than I used to be. Whether that’s a change for the better is a matter of opinion. It’s all a reflection of my age more than anything else.

What is your ideal story, or rather, what makes a good story?

No ONE theme makes for an ideal story, anything that’s grounded in a realistic setting involving people conflicting and overreacting to their situations seems to work best for me. That’s my most successful “formula.”

From the point of view of an indie comic creator, where do you see the comic book industry heading?

Right now it’s getting away from the relatively cheap periodical format and switching to the more expensive square bound book format. Getting comics into more bookstores is great, but I don’t like seeing the traditional format fade away, since I much prefer it myself.

How would it feel to have one of your projects made into a movie?

It’d feel fine, esp. if it turned out well and made me lots of money.

Will we ever see a one off special based on Buddy’s next-door neighbor – Jimmy Foley?

I doubt it. He’s too repulsive to have his own comic.

You once recommended Ward Suttons – ink blot – & Marc Bells – The Mojo Action Companion. Anyone else new on the scene we should know about?

Johnny Ryan’s ANGRY YOUTH COMICS and Lorna Miller’s WITCH. Those are two good ones.

Given unlimited time, money, and materials, what would your ideal project be?

A comic book.

What has been your favourite experience in your drawing career?

Getting to make my own comic books.

If you could no longer be an artist , what would you choose as a career?

A landlord.

How are things going with “The Action Suits”?

Ha! I retired from the music biz 8 years ago, and the Actions Suits Ended about 7 years ago.

Can you think of anything else I might have missed?

Just tell everyone to go to my website ( and read all about my many new and on-going projects!


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