Just FU@#ING DO IT!!!

send us your work!!!!

We need your reviews!!!! Send your words over to sean@the-beat.co.uk clearly marked “orthogonal review” you know it makes sense!!!

also vist: http://www.winamop.com/

Winamop; conceived on a whim, run on a shoestring, ignored by the many, loved by the few; has continued unabashed since 2003.

Very cool site!

and since you cats, dogs and hairy off-beat rebels are clicking like a bat out of…….Birmingham??? visit: http://www.blowbackmagazine.com/

:blowback has become a term of art acknowledging that the unconstrained, often illegal, secret acts of the United States in other countries can result in retaliation against innocent American citizens. The dirty tricks agencies are at pains never to draw the connection between what they do and what sometimes happens to those who pay their salaries.  


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