The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening

Posted On October 15, 2006

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The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening

 Review by Olutayo K. Osunsan

Tony R. Rodriguez’s The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening” is an energetic display of life in a collage of events. It overflows with the essence of humanity. Desi (Desmond) Marquiso, the main character in “The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening”, speaks to the heart of every man in love, every man torn between right and wrong. Some of his ordeals remind me that humans have the same single thread running through us all: the thread of curiosity that can sometimes be rebellious. It’s never certain if it pulls us away or draws us back to God.  

The characters are developed, mature and some are even real enough to be someone we might know or someone we would not like to meet. Conflicting characters like Elena and Stratton can always bring insight into focus — some friends are not worth keeping, others will bring out the best in us.  

This book is not only a spiritual voyage; it is also a human journey. It gives us the right to dream and the freedom to always make things right no matter how late. It leaves the reader beaming by the turning of the final page. “The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening” is a delight to read. 

Tony R. Rodriguez crafts his words to make everyday life carry more promise. His characterization and dialogue are brutally honest. They make a reader nod to his eloquent voice. 

Olutayo K. Osunsan, author of “Strange Beauty”


One Response to “The Disappearance and the Slow Awakening”

  1. Tyler

    O MY GOD! He’s my theology teacher! Mr. Rodriguez is my freshman theology teacher in room G22 at Moreau Catholic High School! OMG!!!!

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